The Babysitter Bag: How to Become a Super-Babysitter

By Amy Michelle

Most people think babysitting┬áis just for high schoolers looking to make extra cash on the weekend and that there is no particular skill or talent involved. The babysitter just needs to be older than twelve and responsible enough to get the children to bed at a decent hour. Of course these elements are important, but babysitters are so much more, in fact, they can also be an important part of a child’s development. This is especially true if the child sees their babysitter with some frequency, like during the summer. If the babysitter’s only tactic for entertaining the children that they are babysitting is to sit them down in front of the television or to play video games then those children are missing out on some valuable learning time.



This does not mean to say that a babysitter should create lesson plans, but rather that a babysitter should be willing to take the children out of the house; to the pool, take the dogs for a walk, ride a bicycle, or just into the backyard. This is true all year by the way, not just during the summer months; just remember that everyone needs to bundle up for the weather. Being outside is not only healthy, but it is also a great opportunity to learn about the world and to interact with others. In the event that you can’t go outside for whatever reason, or you run out of ideas, there is always the option to dip into the babysitter bag

What is a babysitter bag? A babysitter bag is something we first heard about in a class to get a babysitting certification. Think Mary Poppins’ bag, but not magical, although to the children it may take on that quality. For them, it can become a sort of game, guessing what their babysitter might pull out of the bag next. This way, there is always have a back-up plan of things to do with the children you are babysitting.

The basics to put into the bag are small board games, puzzles, an iPod with kid friendly music so you can play freeze dance/tag or musical chairs, and some age-appropriate books. Remember to rotate these so that the children don’t get bored with the bag. From there you should put in some personal touches, especially if they are children that you have gotten to know throughout time. If there are little boys who love cars, maybe some hotwheel cars and trucks, or if there are little girls who want to be princesses maybe some costume jewelry. Another fun thing to do on a nice, summer day is to bring some tie-dye paints and cheap white t-shirts. Our personal favorite, especially if you are babysitting children in your own neighborhood, is to bury treasure and make a treasure map/puzzle. If there is a park with a swing-set nearby you could even bring eye-patches and play pirate once you find your treasure.

Just because Mom and Dad are out for the day, or night, doesn’t mean that the children need to stay home and do nothing. Remember, babysitting should be fun for the babysitter too because if the babysitter is having fun so will the children!

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6 Tips To Become a Mechanic

6 Tips To Become a Mechanic

By M. Patrick Quinn

If you have always loved cars and find just about everything about vehicles interesting and compelling, becoming an auto mechanic might just be the perfect career path for you. Of course, you can’t just walk into a local garage and start working on cars. With so many different options available for you, these six tips should help you eventually become a mechanic and thrive in the position.

1. Love Cars, Passionately

This is a bit of a no brainer. There really is no point in becoming a mechanic if you don’t love cars. You are going to be working on vehicles all day, with different kinds of cars, trucks and SUVs rolling into your garage. The desire to learn about cars and to continue learning about cars is important, as all of this is fueled for your love of vehicles.

2. Auto Mechanic Training

Auto mechanic training is going to allow you to learn many key features of a vehicle, so you know how to break them down and put them back together. While cars have the same basic features, different brands offer different configurations, so learning how these vehicles run with auto mechanic training is necessary.

3. Work With Parts

Before you become a mechanic, one valuable option is to learn the parts you are going to be working with. There are many part and auto service stores around the country where you can learn about everything from motor oil and lug nuts to windshield wipers and rims. While you are not going to be performing the replacement and installation services yourself, you will obtain some hands on experience with the equipment and get to know these parts, all while you’re going to school or enrolled in classes.

4. Hands On Practice

The technician training is going to give you insights into different aspects of the car, and while you are enrolled in these training courses you can still obtain some auto based jobs, including working at oil changing facilities. This gives you a step in the right direction and experience both hands on with cars, but also with the automotive technician training.

5. Certifications

While the training is important, it is desirable to obtain certifications for certain kinds of vehicle types and service offerings. New digital technology is going to require you to know information about computers, especially when trying to read the onboard computer system for performance issues. You also need to consider electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle certifications. Because these use different combustion methods and have different kinds of equipment installed, demonstrating your competence is a valuable option for you and your future mechanical career.

6. Read and Research

There are plenty of books and online websites, not only about cars, but how they are made, what drives them, performance features and different attributes to look for. These resources can help you later with obtaining your dream job as a mechanic and start off your auto mechanic training.

Visit Canadian Automotive & Trucking Institute for more information on other career paths like dispatcher courses.

Patrick Quinn is a Copywriter at Higher Education Marketing, a leading Web marketing firm specializing in Google Analytics, Education Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Mobile SMS Alerts, Social Media Marketing and Pay Per Click Marketing, among other web marketing services and tools.

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Free Online Trading Courses – Do They Exist?

Free Online Trading Courses – Do They Exist?

By Christopher W Smith

Is there really such a thing as free online Forex trading courses? Yes, but you need to be willing to do some home work first! Trading forex is a term that is often used to describe trading of foreign currency. Also known as FX, forex is short for foreign exchange and the forex market is the world’s largest market. Are you ready to learn?

Trading in the forex market reaches and tops 1.5 trillion in US dollars each day. This amount exceeds the daily trading on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) by more than a hundred times.

While this is an active and lucrative market, it does require some skill and training in order to participate in trading without incurring massive losses. Free online forex trading courses litter the internet and while some are valuable with good information, others fall far short of the mark. The trick is knowing which courses are valid and can actually help you learn forex trading skills and which ones are just junk.

ForexTrading dot com

This website offers a great deal of information in their Forex Education section. Visitors can also sign up for a free membership which allows them further access in forums where they can discuss and ask questions. The content seems solid and straightforward and you should be able to walk away from this site with a fairly good idea of how to trade, particularly with all of the site’s extras and resources.

babypips dot com

This is a website, slash, tutorial that is created specifically for beginners in the forex trading world. They have training for every level from “pre-school” (beginners to forex) on up. The site has some good extras, such as articles, blogs, forums and a “forexpedia,” an easy to use online forex encyclopedia. The school progresses through “grades” and there is a certain aspect of forex trading that is assigned to each grade level. You can find this site at

Online Trading Academy

The Online Trading Academy offers professional trader education on many topics. Their free online forex class is a Macromedia Flash presentation of streaming video and audio that teaches students how to get started in forex as well as how to become a better trader. You will learn how to increase you skills to boost your odds for being a successful trader.


The Market Traders Institute, Inc. offers a free forex tutorial and guide for download. It explains the “10 Keys to Successful Forex Trading” along with many other great freebies. You can get free publications, demonstration software, advice and forex tools. This site has a great deal of free information, lessons and resources for those who are interested in forex trading.

Free online forex trading courses are quite abundant. However, these courses are some of the best and most reputable. If you are interested in forex trading, then this is a good way to at least get started. You can lay out the basics with these free courses. If you choose to go deeper into forex trading, you may select some pay courses, but some people do find that the free courses are quite sufficient for beginning traders and casual traders. It all comes down to just how far you want to go.

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